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Over the past 20 years, China has achieved its engineering superpower in many huge civil projects, ranging from speed-train countrywide system, mega seaport, huge numbers of steel-structure sky-buildings, world top-6 huge bridges and many more human wonder projects which need skillful MIG /TIG welders,construction manpower and other tradesmen. We are the professional recruitment agency behind the scenese.

In recent years, the progress made on petroleum and refining, energy, aviation, automobile and speed-train, heavy machinery, construction and civil engerring, especially in shipbuilding industry, promotes the development of steel & iron production and offers a great impetus to China’s metal trades / welding production market. China, outpacing Japan and South Korean, has become the largest shipbuilder in the world since year 2014. All fact has shown China as a single country which supplies more than 40% of the global skilled MIG /TIG welders,and high-end construction worker.If you need experienced construction manpower and TIG /MIG welder, conatct us for details.

China chef recruitment service

To reach the tradesmen and skilled manpower in building and construction,marine industry,metal processing and welding production, we focus on the manpower-rich province to reserve our resources. The knowledge and insight are indispensable for the quality service we are providing for you, which makes us a reputable China recruitment agency in supply excellent MIG / TIG welders as well as other construction tradesmen.

Contact us for your skilled welder vacancies and skillful Chinese construction tradesmen and let them make magic for you.

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