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China Welder recruitment agency

Bening a construction and metal trades recruitment department of China recruitment agency, we hit many headlines in national newspapers and medias for our helping mass construction workers and TIG /MIG welders relocation in Australia and gaining them excellent pay and good life.

Understanding the industry and market demand, we source and screen the most suitable construction tradesmen and TIG /MIG welders from develpoed industrial provinces, some even direct from the big employersin the field.

All candidates will go through on-site-test and face-to-face interview in English before documentation and Embassy background and experience checking for the work permit and visa issuing. We have unbelievable 100% approval rate for the hunderds applicants for Austalia single market as an exmaple.

We also help many employers from Singapore, Japan and Ireland to succefully recruit Chinese construction tradesmen and TIG /MIG welders in the past 24 years.

China chef recruitment service

The great repuration in both China and aboard (Australia and Singapore), helped us attract employers and professional candidates coming to us. In the peak months, we once had 7 TIG/ MIG welder tests in 10 consecutive days. Many factories in QLD are our clients and similar case happened in Perth as well. We have been being the biggest sole TIG /MIG welder, construction tradesmen /workers China supplier for Australian market since 2005.At least 60% of the Chinese 457-visa welders, construction workers and Chinese chefs were recruited from us—China recruitment agency. If you encounter anyone of the mentioned tradesmen, they has high possibility know us—Mr. Weng and Resourcent. Contact us if you need China construction tradesmen, TIG /MIG welders.

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