China chef recruitment service

Being the dedicated chef recruitment department of China international recruitment agency, we have great sourcing network, professional staffing specialist, which have been helping us to be the prominent Chinese chefs agency since 1994.

We take care whole process to get the visa for chefs and restaurants, which might include:

1. Chef candidates sourcing:

It starts from to understand the client's requirement on chef's job description and responsibility, restaurant history, social envirnoment and dinning culture to the brief of terms and conditions in the employment contract. We make all effort to recommend most suitable chef candidates not only base on his experience and skill, but more importantly on his personal character,hygiene and working attitude.

2. Smoothy permit and visa application:

Chinese chefs’genuine working experience and testimonial,cooking certificate are not only concerned by restautant employer, but also be the central issue for Embassy to conduct investigation and verification. We will check everything related before forwarding the documents and make the working permit and visa application a smoothy journey.

3. Orientation:

A successful Chinese restanrant need to adopt to the local dinning cutlure.Before job application, all chefs will be told and required to prepare to adjust their cooking way and habit to localized and keep good hygienic habit for working aboard.

Every Chinese chef we recruited for overseas restaurant, is our live advertisment to bespeak our recruitment agency service. In other way, they also tell the Chinese dinning culture story in other country. We have and will continue to tell the happy story thanking to chefs and restaurant clients' great surport.

Chinese chef recruitment agency service

Best the first branded Chinese chefs recruitment agency in Asia, we conquer some major market like Australia, Singapore, Cyprus. Just mention the 2 Australian chain restaurants named “xxx in the box” and “xxx box”,we have about 65 Chinese chefs in their outlets around the country. In Iceland, the earliest and biggest batch of Chinese chefs from China were recruited from us. Many Chinese chefs working aboard will help us to promote our recruitment agency service and attract many repeat orders and new Chinese restaurant to get our help on their Chinese chefs recruitment practice.

In EU and Nordic, and most develpoed countries, only grade-4 and above certified Chinese chefs are allowed to apply working permit, and Norway even requires Grade-1 / 2, which will set some obstacles for chef job seekers since quite numbers of cooks and chefs do not bother to pay for being certified if they do not plan to work aboard. So, most of the visa application might takes months thus employers have to be patient on bringing in Chinese chefs, Asian chefs from China.

Chinese Chef Recruitment Agency Service

------ Most prestigious Chinese chefs recruitment agency from China

Japanese / Asian Chef Recruitment Agency

------Your Japanese / Asian chefs recruitment / employment agency service provider from China

Japanese chef recruitment service

Just like our dominant Chinese chefs recruitment agency service, we brighten our top China chef agency by providing invincible Japanese chefs agency service and Asian cuisine chefs service in the past 2 decades. People might not think about the chefs are Chinese from us when they served by the Japanese, Korean and Malaysian cuisine chefs in Australan, UK, Turkey and Cyprus,etc.

If trourists realized the universality of Japanese food, Korean food and other alien cuisine in China, they will understand why people recruit other cuisine chefs from China.

Please take easy to reach us for your Asian chefs agency service and Japanese / Korean chefs recruitment service.

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