China chef recruitment service

We-resourcenet group, website name “China recruitment agency” is a leading recruitment agency in China providing international recruitment solutions to overseas restaurants with experienced chefs (Chinese, Japanese, Asian). We are responsible for advertising your jobs, candidate search and screening, skill test and interview arrangement, work permit / visa application. Established in 1994, we has been providing effective and satisfactory international recruitment service to hundreds of employers around the world in cultinary in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and Africa. As the sole market discoverer and dominant supplier in Iceland, UK, Ireland and Australia, and the major China player in other recruitment market, we have built solid professional reputation among our customers as well as our competitors in many countries.

China Chef Recruitment Agency

------Chinese / Japanese chefs recruitment solution providers from China

China chef recruitment service

We know the importance of the chefs to the restaurant, and never ever look our job as just a type of business. Fitting a suitable chef never being an easy task, we know the different role for chefs who work in a newly set-up restaurant, fast food outlet, chain restaurants and traditional ones and will try our best to make right recommend. Have been making effort to culinary and hospitality industry, we see from your view, we take our responsibility and grow with your success.

Culinary take a great part of China GPD and the pervasive Japanese and Asian cuisine restaurants in every city and county, which enables us to find you not only experienced Chinese chef, Japanese chef, and also Asian cuisine chef from China.

Japanese / Asian Chef Recruitment Agency

------Your Japanese / Asian chefs recruitment partner from China

Japanese chef recruitment service

The thousands of years culture and cuisine relationship between China and Japan, has help Japanese cuisine to get its popularity in China. There are tens of thousands Japanese cuisine restaurants in every corner of cities and towns in China, which are mostly owned and run by local Chinese.Similar casese have happened in many Western countries. You will realize it after looking into the ownership of the Japanese cuisine restaurants in Paris, Australia, Singapore and many other countries. We have recruited more than 90 Japanese cuisine chefs for many developed countries.

Similaryly, it would not surprise you if you encounter genuine Asian cuisine in China since great popularity of Southeast Asian food prepared, cooked and served by Chinese and to Chinese.

China is a ideal place to recruit from if you need Japanese chefs or Asian cuisine chefs.

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